Plus Size Fashion Tips for Your Body Shape

Posted by admin on August 15th, 2019

Times are changing, and our perception of the perfect body no longer conforms to what has once believed to be. Plus size women are endowed with attractive and bigger bodies. However, what makes a plus-size woman stand out is the ability to identify her actual body shape and wear dresses that accentuate certain parts while camouflaging others.

If you are born voluptuous, it can be a nagging thought to manage a wardrobe that fits your curves. We came up with a list of body types to help you identify your body shape and give tips on what to wear.

1.  The Hourglass

Women with hourglass body shape have been mesmerizing men for ages. Women wearing plus size cocktail dresses have been known to steal the show at cocktail parties easily. An hourglass-shaped woman has a slim waist, a fuller bust, big hips, and thick thighs. This very curvy body shape will look great in dresses with classic cuts such as structured tops, high-waist pants on jeans, body con dresses, peplum, sheath dresses, and pencil skirts.

2.  The Apple

Plus size women that fall under this shape category have fuller busts, a fuller middle, slender hips, and a slightly thicker waist. The best fashion styles for women with an apple body shape are pencil skirts, V-necks, printed bottoms, strapless plus sizecocktail dresses, wrap dresses, printed bottoms, and similar clothing.

3.  The Pear

Interestingly, most plus size women have this body shape. Women with pear body shapes usually have a voluptuous derriere, curvy hips, thick thighs, and narrow shoulders. Their upper body is smaller than their lower body part. The best fashion styles for pear-shaped plus size women are dresses that balance their upper and lower bodies. The best fits are flat front pants, long jackets with blazers, dress with belts, printed and detailed tops.

4.  The Rectangle

Plus size women falling under this category usually have the same bust and hips sizes with an undefined waist. They are often said to look boyish. The best fashion advice for women a rectangular body shape will be dresses that emphasize feminine appeal. The most appropriate fashion styles for women with a rectangle body shape are ruffled tops, bold prints, tulip skirts with their asymmetrical cuts, peplum, tiered styles, heavy knits, wide-leg jeans and pants, jumpsuits, and other similar clothing.

5.  The Diamond

Women with a diamond body shape have slimmer shoulders and arms, wide midriffs, thick hips, and thighs, as well as slim calves. The most suitable dress sense for them are clothes that accentuate their neck and bust line, making their waists a bit slender. This includes A-lines and belted dresses that gently taper down.

Any woman can fall under these body shapes and wearing the appropriate clothes no only accentuate the right body parts, but hide those that are not proportioned enough. It is interesting to note that there are possibilities of a woman to belong to two body shape. For instance, she could have a pear and apple shape body shape based on her height and weight.

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