PayPal Betting: The Perks of Betting on e-Sports with PayPal

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PayPal Betting on e-Sports: The Top Advantages

PayPal is the oldest digital payment method on the internet. It started its journey in 1998 to facilitate transactions over the internet. The e-wallet comes with many features, like the ability to send money to your friends and family. Most importantly, you can use itl to shop online and pay for endless products and services.

Interestingly, the app is not limited to transferring funds or shopping online. You can also use the platform to deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos. Moreover, you can wager on sports like cricket, soccer, tennis, and basketball. 

Best of all, you can bet with PayPal on popular video gaming tournaments. It is possible to wager on:  

  • CS GO
  • Dota
  • LOL, and more

However, why should you choose the service to bet on e-Sports?

Let’s explore. 

Pay Using Any Currency

PayPal has more than 429 million users spread across over 200 countries. It supports countless currencies worldwide for unmatched flexibility and convenience. You can pay using your preferred currencies, whether USD, Euros, or AUD.

Best of all, you can change your currency anytime you desire. There is no need to pay any charges or fees. You can even use it to deposit and withdraw from regulated online platforms in the US. 

Top Reputation

The company started as a means for individuals to pay and receive money online. Over the years, it grew to become the chosen payment method for small and medium businesses. 

Today, the app acts as the payment partner of more than 30 million merchants. It is also the certified payment associate of top brands like eBay. The company has gained an unparalleled reputation over its existence of more than 20 years. Millions of businesses and individuals trust the platform for fair and transparent services. 

As a result, you can bet on e-Sports with full confidence. 

Flawless Security

Cybercrime is a real concern for individuals and businesses. Companies and gamblers lose several thousand dollars every year to hacks and data thefts. However, you can rest your worries when you use PayPal to bet on e-Sports. The app prioritizes security and uses several mechanisms to protect its data and users. 

Most importantly, the company is proactive in identifying threats and vulnerabilities. It comes with a 24/7 fraud monitoring program to keep miscreants at bay. 

Additionally, you can enjoy a buyer protection policy to ensure the safety of your funds. You can wager on e-Sports with complete peace of mind. Your personal and banking information is always safe.

Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Gamblers always prefer sportsbooks that allow instant withdrawals and deposits. However, that is not always available unless you are using cryptocurrencies. You may have to wait a few days if you rely on cards or fiat currency. 

Fortunately, PayPal supports quick deposits and withdrawals. It has a wide network of banking partners and processes your funds quickly. The maximum it can take to deposit or withdraw your funds is 24 hours. Additionally, deposits and withdrawals may be free or incur lower charges. It helps you keep most of your earnings by not paying heavy fees.

Manage Payments on Mobile

Over 6.5 billion people use smartphones today. You can also use mobiles to shop, watch videos, book appointments, and bet on e-Sports. Therefore, you need mobile ways to pay and cash out your earnings. 

PayPal supports mobile payments and comes with a mobile app. You can manage all your transactions from a single place for maximum convenience. Additionally, you can keep track of all your transactions using your payment history feature. It makes it possible to bet on the go on your favorite video games. 

A Wide Choice of Sportsbooks

PayPal powers millions of sportsbooks. They are trustworthy and known for providing reliable services. 

Therefore, you may access the best sportsbook with the service for an amazing gambling experience. Additionally, you can get your hands on uncountable platforms to wager your money. You may also enjoy better odds and betting options to boost your winnings. 

Responsive Support

Customer support is a vital factor in availing any service. You should always look for 24/7 support to place your queries and resolve issues. 

PayPal offers friendly customer support around the clock. You can call or chat with support representatives to ask any questions. Support is also available via email.

Final Thoughts

PayPal betting on e-Sports can turn out highly beneficial. You can enjoy a range of sportsbooks, betting options, and top security. Most importantly, you can expect quick deposits and withdrawals.