Patrick Dempsey Shaves His Legs & Takes Vow of Celibacy

Posted by PZ on December 17th, 2012


Patrick Dempsey recently revealed that he’s started shaving his legs and has taken a vow of celibacy – don’t worry, he’s not in the midst of a sex change. He’s merely determined to reach a goal he’s set for himself. Patrick, a father of two, wants to cycle 100miles and will do anything he thinks will improve his chances of reaching his target. He says that dehairing his legs has been a big improvement:

”Yes, leg shaving has done wonders for my riding; now that I’m celibate it’s easier to focus on my training plans. Seriously, I want to ride a century; that’s my goal. My longest ride so far is 75 miles.”

Patrick says that as he struggled with the fame that followed Grey’s Anatomy, he felt that cycling could be away of escaping all of the attention and media madness. He believes that setting out on a long ride gets him centered and helps him to stay focused as well as several other benefits:

”Psychologically, getting back on the bike really helped me. It was hard to weather the success of ‘Grey’s’, but I found I could go for a ride and get centred. Cycling also taught me a lot about managing discomfort. When you leave your comfort zone, you learn how to manage your emotions and to stay focused.”

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