Olivier Rousteing Feels Inspired to Design by Denim’s Diversity

Balmain head designer Olivier Rousteing has spoken on how people wear denim differently around the world, and how he is often inspired to get creative with the diverse material. Olivier believes Parisians typically like simple blue denim jeans that are quite classic and timeless:

“I think Paris is about codes, and sometimes Parisians don’t want to twist and change the codes. So jeans in Paris are pants. For women and men, it’s the same. In Paris it’s more casual, maybe worn with a leather jacket. It’s a uniform to go out, to go to work, and everything, in Paris. And it’s all about blue… but in L.A. I think it’s more interesting.”

He has seen that people in Los Angeles wear denim in completely different ways and aren’t afraid to wear items made from denim that are quite fresh and unique looking. He explained: “I went to a party in Beverly Hills and a girl was wearing one of my couture dresses in denim. In L.A. people wear denim in really, really fresh ways – as denim jackets, denim mini dresses, skirts… jumpsuit, bomber, or just jeans. You can really feel the denim spirit in L.A..”

Olivier thinks fashion houses should be looking at new ways to revamp and present denim designs and he believes everyone can put their own spin on the look:

“I think denim can inspire every single house in Paris right now, I think whatever style you have – sexy, chic, more camp, whatever – denim is something that agrees with everybody. It’s OK with everybody. I can do denim at Balmain and Carven can do denim. Everybody can take a different approach. Minimal, maximal.”