Olivia Wilde on Her Natural Summer Beauty Routine & Working Out


Olivia Wilde has spoken on her natural beauty routine. The new mom says that for the summer months, she likes to keep it simple and often just wears a CC cream on her face to even out her skin tone, hide any spots and she also likes that it isn’t as heavy as a foundation:

“Right now I’m totally addicted to my CC cream for summer. It’s light on my skin and covers my blemishes, but it isn’t as thick as a foundation so feels really natural. It also has a built-in SPF, so it helps safeguard my skin at the same time.”

The actress reveals that working out has changed for her recently, switching from feeling like a chore to being some personal time off. She says that she uses the time to get away from her day-to-day life and unwind, and even says it feels like meditation:

“Exercise was transformed for me when I saw it as me-time and not a chore. Like a lot of people, I used to see working out as a way to get my body in shape and look good, but now I think it’s more about self-love than anything else. I can turn off my phone and stop my mind whirring. It’s the one time I get close to a form of meditation.”

Her favourite workout is to attend a spinning class and she has also likes the results because they helped her stay strong during pregnancy:

“I love spinning; it’s great working out in a group and the music is key. Play something with a lot of bass and you can get me to do anything! I also enjoy Pilates. It really strengthens my muscles and my back, which was helpful in pregnancy.”