Olivia Munn Reveals Her Top Skin Secret & Beauty Routine

Posted by PZ on November 1st, 2017

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Olivia Munn has a unique beauty secret which she has just revealed – she always eats food that is high in a particular type of acid. Olivia reveals that the acid in question helps keep your body hydrated which she thinks makes a big difference to her general well-being. Olivia explained her top beauty secret:

“I’m really big on hyaluronic acid, it’s so important. It’s something that we develop in our body and as we get older it starts to diminish like with collagen. But unlike collagen, its only purpose is to carry water to the parts of your body that need it. I started eating these special potatoes that are high in hyaluronic acid. You can order them from Japanese markets. I bake them every day with olive oil and cinnamon.”

Speaking on her usual beauty routine, Olivia says she always makes time to take care of her skin at night, even when she’s tired at the end of the day. She uses Proactiv products to keep her skin clear and is shocked at how quickly skin can age if you don’t take your makeup off correctly. She said:

“You should clean your skin every night. Even when I get lazy and tired, I’ll keep the make-up wipes, Proactiv toner and moisturiser right by my bed. I make it super easy so I have no excuses. I started doing that when I read a study that showed that every night you go to bed without cleaning your face it ages your skin an extra day. That’s double the ageing! Ugh, no thank you.”

Commenting on the makeup she usually applies, Olivia says she focuses mostly on her eyebrows and cheeks, but she also loves a strong lip and thinks it can look great at daytime too:

“A defined brow and a nice cheek is really important to me because of my round face. After that, I like to play around with lips and eyes. But my go-to is usually a bright lip. Some people feel like a red lip is more of a night thing, but I completely disagree. It can be really fun and funky and make any outfit look interesting.”


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