Olivia Dunne, a millionaire gymnast, stunned in a see-through gown at the ACM awards

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Olivia Dunne, a millionaire gymnast, shocked onlookers when she showed up to the Academy of Country Music Awards in a transparent outfit.

Olivia Dunne, a wealthy gymnast, stunned with a see-through gown at the event

Olivia Dunne, a millionaire gymnast, stunned in a see-through gown at the ACM awards
(Source: Instagram/@livvydunne)

Olivia Dunne, a 20-year-old gymnast who is worth an estimated $1 million, shocked onlookers at the 58th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Dallas, Texas by wearing a sheer outfit.

The 20-year-old LSU star snapped a mirror photo in her figure-hugging dress and captioned it “ACMs bound” before walking the red carpet in Dallas.

The athlete has been immersing herself in the country and western scene, meeting and greeting the genre’s elite, and she even debuted a hot new cowgirl look in a viral TikTok video that has won over fans.

The stunning athlete posted a photo of herself riding a horse named Sheriff without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction to her 4 million Instagram followers.

Olivia Dunne just showed off her “bold horsemanship” at the ACM awards, and the photos are gorgeous.

At Thursday night’s American Country Music Awards (ACM), the stunning 20-year-old stunned in a dazzling, backless outfit.

Despite her prior experience with horses, Livvy received criticism for the event since she didn’t know “how to ride” the white stallion.

Someone said, ““She definitely don’t know how to ride a horse.” She has received criticism for her riding ability.

The shot was taken at Ford Center stadium on Cowboys Way in Frisco, Texas, where the celebrity rode Sheriff.

“Cowgirl” Livvy only captioned it with a “yeehaw.”

Others appreciated her beauty and wished they were the horse, while others questioned her equine abilities.

In a short amount of time, Livvy amassed over seven million TikTok followers thanks to her amazing physique and long blonde hair.

By the time she was 18, she had made $1 million thanks to her large online following.

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