Nina Dobrev Gives Elie Saab Dress Her Own Boho Twist

Actress Nina Dobrev has revealed how she selected her blush coloured Elie Saab dress for the SXSW Festival. Nina says she instantly fell in love with the gorgeous dress design but realised it was too dressy for the low key event. However, her stylist decided that by dressing it down with a boho twist, the look was a perfect fit. Nina says she even wore flats and just added a great belt and clutch to complete her outfit:

”I fell in love with this Elie Saab dress, but it was a little fancy for SXSW, so my stylist decided to pair it with flat flip-flops and do a bohemian sort of messy, laid-back hairstyle with braids, and lots of bangles and jewels. I’m kind of a chameleon depending on my mood and depending on my environment. I wasn’t going to show my legs and my boobs at the same time, and I also wore flats because I didn’t want it to be too va-va-voom. I like to always be as classy and timeless as possible.”

Revealing one wardrobe staple that she can’t be without, Nina says that she’s had a pair of simple American Eagle shorts for almost ten years and still wears them regularly when she’s working because they’re so comfortable and flattering:

”I have this pair of American Eagle short-shorts that I wear in Atlanta [while filming] or to music festivals or just day-to-day life. They’re short, they’re comfy, they’re cute, they make my butt look cute, and I feel comfortable in them. I swear I’ve had them for maybe 10 years and they’re so torn up, but I can’t get rid of them! They’re my favourite.”