Nicolas Ghesquière on His Designs: “I Have Changed a Lot”

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2017

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Nicolas Ghesquière has spoken on his role as head designer at Louis Vuitton. He admits that he sees fashion as “a game” and that he is always just trying to express his broad creative vision, even when people believe that is very unique and experimental. He also thinks that his approach has “changed a lot” from when he started out:

“My role as a designer is to please, but I’m also here to show a different way. That is fashion. It’s always a game. People always thought I was niche and experimental. But I think I was getting ready to express what I wanted to say in a bigger dimension, and louder. So, in that way, I have changed a lot.”

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Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi appears in the new Louis Vuitton Resort collection images, modelling Nicolas’ latest pieces, and he explained that she was his muse for the pieces because she is an interesting mix between feminine and masculine. He explained:

“Rinko has something extremely feminine about her, but she’s friendly and boyish at the same time. She is a fantastic actress, obviously, but have you seen Pacific Rim? Rinko is a genius in the action scenes.”

Nicolas adds that he sees the luxurious French label to be about “exploration” but that people don’t have to travel far and for him, it’s more about movement: “Louis Vuitton is about this idea of travelling and exploration, but I prefer to think of movement. You can travel to the corner of your street if you want to.”

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