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Nicky Hilton Thinks Fashion is About Experimenting & Taking Style Risks


Heiress Nicky Hilton has spoken about what fashion means to her. Nicky, who recently released a fashion advice book, comments that she believes people should take risks and experiment with their style because it’s an expression of their personality and ultimately should be a fun experience:

”Fashion, for me, is all about experimenting, taking some risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. There’s no real rule when it comes to fashion. It’s really just about expressing yourself and having fun.”

Nicky adds that people shouldn’t copy the style of celebrities and instead opt to invent something unique themselves. She wants to help women develop their own fashion sense:

”I think it’s all about being original and true to yourself. I think we live in a society where so many young girls are trying to dress like their favourite actor or musician, and it just looks like a bunch of clones walking around. I highly encourage women to find their own original sense of style and come up with [their] own trademarks.”

Nicky is working on a handbag collaboration collection with Linea Pelle that will be released later this year and she says that her designs aren’t just copies of ‘IT’ designer bags. She has instead looked to make something that is more unique and a little different from what is seen on every girl at the moment. She explained:

“I like finding unique bags. I’m sort of over the whole ‘It-bag,’ where every girl is carrying the same style. When I’m shopping for a handbag, I want something unique, and when I say unique, I mean a shape or print that I’m not going to see everyone and their mother carrying. I’ve collaborated with Linea Pelle on a small capsule collection [because] I’ve really wanted to embody my personality, aesthetic and taste into this line. I’ve featured my favourite shapes, styles and colours. I wanted to keep it really classic. I didn’t really want to make something trendy.”