Nicky Hilton Explains How Vera Wang Created Her Graduation Dress

Posted by admin on April 5th, 2019

Nicky Hilton has revealed that designer Vera Wang once helped her out when she had a big fashion emergency on her hands. Nicky was graduating from school and there was a strict dress code for the event, but unfortunately she didn’t come up with the right outfit until the day itself. She called upon the designer to help her out at the last minute and Vera was quick to create the perfect look in just a few hours:

“[My outfit] had to be a white gown, white gloves to the elbow – and of course I did not have that. The morning of [the ceremony], I’m running around to every store with my mother with two hours to spare. Could not find a dress. So we ring up Vera Wang, who’s a family friend, and rush over to her showroom. She pins me into one of her gowns with the gloves and everything and I was off for graduation.”

Nicky is a big vintage shopper but says her sister Paris isn’t in to looking at older items and prefers to always buy new items. Nicky prefers to look at different eras and find something original that she can fix up and make look fresh:

“She was – and still is – quite a shopper, and my sister doesn’t really appreciate vintage clothes, so luckily for me, I get them. I have some amazing Zandra Rhodes, Alaïa, and Pucci from the ’80s from my mom that I love and that I’ve taken to the tailor, reconstructed a bit, fixed the rusty zippers, taken in a little bit and now they fit like a glove. She was going to donate them, and I was like, ‘No! I’ll take them!'”

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