NBA 2K23: Everything we know about “G.O.A.T Boat”

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What is G.O.A.T Boat?

G.O.A.T Boat is the neighborhood of NBA 2K23 for current generation console users.

Last year, NBA 2K22 introduced an all-new neighborhood, which took place in Cancha Del Mar. The neighborhood will once again call a luxury liner home in NBA 2K23, but Cancha Del Mar has been replaced by The G.O.A.T. Boat.

What’s new coming to NBA 2K23 “G.O.A.T Boat”

Getting to GOAT Boat from NBA 2K23 will feature a ton of environmental changes. While keeping the same model of Cancha Del Mar, changes to the environment include:

  • New Deck Systems
  • The Promenade

2K have also stated this around the environmental changes:

We wanted to ensure the cruise ship is as accommodating as possible during your stay, so this year we prioritized more game modes and courts, broader lanes and hallways for smoother traversal, and a more centralized Promenade to tie everything together.”

Three-deck system

G.O.A.T Boat will also looking to boast new decks, including platinum decks that have a combination of:

Platinum Deck

  • Six 3v3 Courts
  • Six 2v2 Courts
  • Two 5v5 Courts
  • Four Elevators
  • Two “Showers” which are server refreshers
  • Gatorade Training Facility

Silver Deck

  • Jordan Challenge
  • The REC Lounge
  • The Cages
  • NBA Store, SWAG’s, Rowe’s Sporting Goods, Docs, The Paint Tattoo, Partnered Stores
  • MyTEAM
  • The Galleon 1v1
  • The Bridge 3v3
  • Daily Pick’Em
  • Two Elevators

Gold Deck

  • Ante-Up

NBA 2K23 wiki :

NBA 2K3 is a 2002 sports video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by Sega for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Developer(s) Visual Concepts
Publisher(s) Sega Sports
Series NBA 2K
Platform(s) GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Release GameCube, PlayStation 2 

  • NA: October 8, 2002
  • EU: March 28, 2003


  • NA: October 8, 2002
  • EU: April 17, 2003
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer