Naomi Watts Shares Her Makeup Routine & Natural Beauty Look


Australian actress Naomi Watts has opened up on how she keeps her skin looking gorgeous despite often having to wear heavy makeup for roles. She reveals that cleansing properly has become a very important part of her beauty regime because it’s essential to lift off those layers of makeup at the end of her day on set:

”Cleanser is really important to me, especially as I wear too much make-up most of the time when filming. I do shoots that are ten or 12 weeks long, wearing make-up for ten hours a day under lights that push it into your skin. It’s then reapplied and layered on. So to cleanse well and take care of my skin is important.”

Naomi likes to look very natural, particularly for the red carpet and prefers to keep makeup simple, wearing almost none when she’s not working. Instead she opts for light facial treatments to keep her skin glowing and gorgeous:

”I’m a big fan of looking natural and rested. I don’t wear much make-up so I like to treat myself to [the] Triad Facial – light microdermabrasion, laser toning plus a gentle flower acid lavender peel.”

The actress reveals that when it comes to red carpet preparation, she usually has a facial to get that fresh faced look and claims it’s her ultimate beauty trick for looking gorgeous at big events:

”I walk out red-carpet ready and you’d honestly never know I’d just had a facial – you just look dewy and fresh. It’s one of my secret weapons.”