Mushroom N Heroes RPG pets tier list for February 2023

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Mushroom N Heroes RPG pets list

Choosing is never simple, but choosing a pet that will fight by your side in every battle is especially challenging. Mushroom N Heroes RPG has a wide variety of pets to choose from, so we’ve made a tier list of the best pets in the game right now (February 2023) to help you make your decision.

Mushroom N Heroes RPG pets tier list for February 2023

In this tier list, we divided all of the pets currently available in the game into three categories: S (Powerful) , A (Solid), and B (Mediocre).

Powerful (S) Scarlet Spider Siren Revenant King, Azure Seadrive, Charles I
Solid (A) Astro Pahntom, Chaotic Hound, Dark Wyrmlord, Orm, Pan, Solar Samurai Deepsea Queen, Sakura Dragon   
Mediocre (B) Agaric Fighter, Blazing Drake, Chilopodlord, Crystal Guard, Faerie Knight, Frost Dragon, Nine Tail Fox, Oculus Demon Drawn Goddess, Rainbow Siren  Lionlord, Purgatory Lord, Spear Holder, Void Mask

Best meta pets in February 2023

DPS Pets

If you’re looking for a pet that can poison its prey for 10 seconds, we advise you to get a Scarlet Spider, who is widely regarded as overpowered. Besides that, he has the ability to debuff enemies and make his attacks more powerful.

Support Pets

Siren is highly recommended due to her ability to link all enemies and deal 10% damage while active. In addition, he has the ability to heal his allies, and those of the Fire type gain a 30% boost to their stats.

Tank Pets

The Revenant King is an excellent choice for a Tank due to his ability to stun the target for 3 seconds and perform a Taunt, which reduces all damage taken when the enemy is taunted. Aside from that, Revenant King can generate a shield that can be used to avoid damage.

Since different methods and approaches can lead to varying results for players, this Mushroom N Heroes RPG Pet Tier List should be used merely as a guide.

Mushroom N Heroes RPG is available on Google Play.