Players of Modern Warfare 2 are hoping for the return of the NVG mode

There are numerous ways for players to immerse themselves in the 2022 Modern Warfare 2 experience, but it appears that one game mode is missing that fans are begging for: NVG Mode.

Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Hoping For The Return Of The NVG Mode

Modern Warfare 2 NVG

Modern Warfare 2019 was innovative in several ways, not the least of which was its selection of game modes. In addition to the introduction of the Gunfight and Realism modes, Infinity Ward also introduced a new concept known as NVG mode.

This incredibly tense game mode changed the game’s lighting so that the map was essentially at night and players needed to wear night-vision goggles to see opposing players more clearly.

In a recent Reddit thread, u/Witty-Alternative628 asked the community about the return of NVG game modes in MW2. According to the comments, the majority of the players had the same thought.

Do you think MWII should bring back NVG mode? from ModernWarfareII

“100% yes. NVG modes are some of my favorites,” said one user, while another claimed: “Yes! I felt like Night mode offered a really cool, laid-back, and immersive experience. It was one of their highlighted modes in all the advertising but got buried soon after the game launched. It honestly had so much going for it.”

Many users suggested changes to the game mode that would bring it closer to perfection. Players who did not use NVG goggles were severely disadvantaged in the game mode. As a result, one user suggested that IW include flashlights to give them an advantage in the game mode.

Another comment suggested that IW add an NVG Ground War mode to bring the nighttime battle to a larger scale. Furthermore, including 32v32 maps in the traditional NVG playlist would almost certainly gain traction over time. It may also entice Battlefield refugees who were let down by the failure of BF2042.

The Reddit post was a rare instance in which nearly every user believed that NVG mode should return in some capacity, and with Modern Warfare 2 set to receive a massive amount of new content after launch, it could easily happen.