Miranda Kerr on Her Superfood Diet & Favourite Beauty Secret

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Australian top model Miranda Kerr has shared how she keeps her famous glowing complexion so radiant. The model detailed her recipe for a superfood salad which is packed with healthy vegetables that boost her skin. Miranda says she tries to eat the salad each day to keep her skin looking its best:

”Every day I eat a big salad with finely chopped spinach and kale, fennel, and macadamia nut oil. [Also] fresh lemon squeezed on that with apple cider vinegar. And feta cheese, olives, and cucumber.”

Miranda, who also runs her own organic skincare line named Kora Organics, reveals her favourite beauty secret – she says that each night, she likes to apply rosehip oil on her face and she has seen a big difference to her complexion because the natural oil contains several key ingredients:

”I put it on every night. I really believe it makes a big difference to my skin. It’s full of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.”

She may have recently split from her actor husband Orlando Bloom, but Miranda has managed to make the best of the situation and says she is flexible with her work so she can spend time with her son too:

”I feel much better knowing I have a certain amount of days that I work and a certain amount that I have off, so I can plan my son’s schedule. Obviously there is flexibility in there. It’s important to be flexible like a willow tree. It’s flexible in a storm – whereas the oak tree is not flexible at all.”