Miley Cyrus reveals her toned midsection in a crimson thong bikini to hint at an upcoming announcement

In a recent photo that Miley Cyrus posted to social media, she showed off her toned abs and hinted at an announcement.

Miley Cyrus is seen in the photo wearing nothing but a red thong bikini as she lays on her back

Cyrus shared a photo of herself in the same bikini, relaxed on the carpet of her hotel room.

Her full lips were painted a vibrant pink, and her platinum tresses pooled behind her head.

She accompanied the photo with the caption, ‘ENDLESS SUMMER VACATION MARCH 10TH. ANNOUNCEMENT 12PM ET TOMORROW.’

What exactly the Wrecking Ball singer will reveal on Monday morning remains unknown at this time.

The celebrity shared a stunning bikini photo earlier in the week to mark the recent success of her hit song “Flowers Tuesday.”

Cyrus claimed on social media that the track was innovative, writing: ‘Flowers is #1 @ Pop Radio for the first time & on the Billboard Hot 100 again for the 5th Week in a row! THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU! [red heart emoji]’

Miley, whose breakup ballad was released on January 13 and has since topped charts around the world, posed in a tiny red bikini with a bandeau top and a buckle band bottom, showing off her toned and taut legs and abs, as well as her various tattoos.

She stood in front of a wood paneled wall, her shoulder-length blonde hair styled in loose waves, and her hand on her head.

Numerous well-wishers from different parts of the world chimed in to express their delight.

A lot of people have said things like, “We’re waiting for a world tour soon” to express their excitement for a live performance of the hit.

It is unknown when she will embark on a tour, but it will follow the release of her upcoming studio album, Endless Summer Vacation.

The Grammy-winning singer flaunted her beach body in a matching swimsuit on Instagram on Monday to promote her new album.

Miley flexed her toned abdominals for the camera by crouching on the floor and reaching for the wall.

As she leaned her head against the wooden wall, her blonde hair fell in a cascade to the floor.

‘I’m driving around town in a beat up old mercedes, you think I’m crazy. You might be right,’ she captioned the post.

Her use of hashtags should have left no room for doubt in the minds of her fans as to whether or not she was promoting her new album.

‘EndlessSummerVacation’ and ‘March10.’

The first single from Miley’s upcoming album, Flowers, has been a huge success. In the previous week, the song broke Spotify’s all-time record for the most streams in a single week.

During the five-day period beginning on January 13 and ending on January 19, the singer’s newest single was streamed more than 96 million times on the service.

The single was released on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, January 13, and is said to be about how Miley is doing after splitting up with Liam Hemsworth.