Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott Working on Fashion Project Together


American designer Jeremy Scott has just revealed that he’s working with Miley Cyrus on a top secret fashion project. Jeremy has previously collaborated with Katy Perry to design some outfits for her tour, and he has commented that he is working closely with Miley on “something very exciting” that will be revealed in the future, although he doesn’t offer any further details about what they’ve created:

“I’m always working with people. I just did something for Katy [Perry’s] tour that she’s on right now, Miley as well. And Miley and I have something very exciting that we are brewing up for the future.”

Jeremy will let Miley announce the big news when the time is right, but he says that working with different musicians is one of his favourite jobs as a fashion designer because he loves to help them create a unique and original image, which he thinks he can help them achieve. He says that designing for musicians is a very exciting process:

“I am going to let her announce it… I love working with musicians, to me it’s such a joy. I love the performers, I love the music, so it’s always exciting to kind of help them propel their image even further with my designs.”

The designer reveals that one of his dreams collaborations is with Dolly Parton, who is Miley’s god-aunt. He joked that he needs to talk Miley in to help him achieving his idea:

“I might need to talk to Miley about that because she is her god-aunt.”