Michelle Obama’s High Waisted Fashion Flop

Stepping out to pick up her kids from school First Lady Michelle Obama went for a retro casual look that just didn’t work. Usually Michelle gets it just right: a mixture of elegance blended with current styles and bright colours which really suit her, but this particular look just doesn’t come together like normal. She does get some brownie points for effort, but sadly it doesn’t work. The high waisted pants aren’t flattering, and are probably a no-no unless your model height and/or weight, otherwise they can distort proportions in a weird way and highlight even a centimeter of stomach flab – not flattering.

Michelle wore a retro printed t-shirt with the pants, which goes pretty well, but the short green cardigan seems to clash with the pants and the style of the other two items. Adding in the patent blue flat shoes, and you have a mixture of strange colours and styles that just don’t seem to pull together cohesively. This outfit was a great idea, it just didn’t work out when put into practice – there is no doubt that Michelle will pull it together for her next outing though, so we’ll just leave her off with a warning this time.