Michelle Monaghan Explains Her Minimal Beauty Routine

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Actress Michelle Monaghan has explained her minimalist beauty routine, saying she likes to keep it as “simple” as possible. The ‘True Detective’ beauty reveals that when it comes to makeup, she prefers to wear as little as she can because she wants to give her skin a break and regularly has to wear makeup for hours when working. She explains that she has also embraced her natural skin and freckles:

”In terms of beauty, I’m a real minimalist. I can only do really, really simple. It’s fun to change up my look for roles, but I don’t really do it for daily life. I actually prefer as little makeup as possible. And really, that’s just kind of for practical purposes because I do wear so much makeup when I’m working 14 hours a day. I feel like I need to give my skin a break when I can. Also, in real life, I really like my freckles – I think they give women a really youthful look, which is nice.”

Michelle previously used to model and says that having photos taken made her more aware of the makeup that works for her face:

”Before getting into acting, I was modelling, so I already had a pretty good sense of what worked on my face and what didn’t work on my face.”

She became passionate about beauty from a young age because her mother would encourage her to look after what she has, particularly her hair, which she would treat:

”I got pretty into beauty even before I was acting. Credit goes to my mum. She always looked after my long, thick hair. We didn’t have a lot of money, but she would get me those Redken hair treatments and put my hair in a hot towel and wash it in the sink – really take care of it.”