Michelle Keegan has been called ‘most beautiful woman on the planet’. It came out that she had a secret link to Love Island’s Lana Jenkins

Michelle Keegan’s latest hot Instagram photo left her legion of fans with their mouths wide open.

Michelle Keegan once again wowed her fans when she posted a beautiful close-up photo that showed off her natural beauty

The 35-year-old is frequently at risk of nearly breaking the internet by posting a stunning photo to her social media accounts.

Michelle has been called “the most beautiful woman on the planet” in a new artistic series of photographs.

Michelle uploaded four polaroid-style photos of the actress to Instagram on Tuesday (February 7).

Michelle wore a denim corset for the shoot, revealing a good deal of her smooth skin and radiating sex appeal.

Michelle poses for a picture, hands in hair, looking off to the side, and all eyes are on her because of her stunning natural beauty.

The former Corrie star covered one eye in another selfie and smiled with her hand under her lips in yet another.

The brunette beauty is seen in a fourth and final image, cupping her hands around her cheeks and pouting for the camera.

Numerous Michelle’s fans, as was to be expected, flocked to the comments section to express their adoration for the Brassic actress.

One supporter apparently pondered: “One of the most beautiful women on this planet.”

As a second voice proclaimed: “How can someone be so perfect?”

“You’re so elegant and stunning,”…

Friends from the entertainment industry rushed up to Michelle to express their adoration for the photo.

Vicky McClure, who stars in the TV show Line of Duty, said, “Beautiful.”

While Brooke Vincent, who also stars on Coronation Street, wrote “Mateeeeeee” and a love heart emoji.

New Michelle Keegan information comes from the internet discovery of a workplace photo of Michelle and Love Island’s Lana Jenkins.

(Image: lanajenkinss / Instagram)

The beautiful 25-year-old blonde is currently featured on the 2023 winter season of Love Island.

The stunning bachelorette has a life outside of the villa drama as a celebrity makeup artist.

Luton-based beauty who works on TV shows like Hollyoaks and live events like Hits Live and Radio 1’s Big Weekend doing makeup and styling.

Recently, the Brassic actress shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from filming the most recent season of the comedy series, in which Lana appears.

Lana also contributed to the production of the acclaimed Sky TV series Brassic, which starred the former Coronation Street beauty Michelle Keegan.