Max George makes girlfriend completely taken aback while filming The Chase Celebrity Special on ITV, he “proposes” to Maisie Smith in front of the camera.

Max George, lead vocalist of the band The Wanted, shocked both his girlfriend, Maisie Smith, and viewers at home by pretending to propose during the most recent episode of The Chase Celebrity Special.

 Max George “proposes” to Maisie Smith in front of the cameras, absolutely shocking his fiancée while filming The Chase Celebrity Special on ITV

The former EastEnders actress, now 21 years old, and her The Wanted musician boyfriend, 34, appeared on the ITV game show this past weekend.

When Maisie and Max came out as a couple on Bradley Walsh’s (62-year-old) talk show, the host was taken aback. When he asked the couple, “So you’ve known each other before this then?,” Max joked, “Yeah we know each other a little bit.”

When Bradley started asking them trivia questions, it became clear that they were dating, so he apologized, saying, “I didn’t know that I’m so sorry. Erm, so when’s the big day?”

Max’s response, “Funny you mention it,” caught everyone off guard, even Maisie. He then reached into his pocket as if to get something.

When Maisie realized Max had not taken a ring out of his pocket, she stared at him in disbelief before bursting into fits of laughter.

Viewers of the ITV broadcast, impressed by the couple’s innocence, took to Twitter to express their approval.

Currently on #thechase, Maisie Smith and Max George are quite cute, as one Twitter user noted. “I adore them.”

As someone other put it, “Max & Maisie are making this episode.”

Finally, a third observer remarked,”Max and Maisie’s banter added to Brad’s jokes is peak TV.”

To this a fourth participant chimed in,”Bradley Walsh not knowing that Max and Maisie are dating even after the way Maisie reacted to everything Max said is the most Bradley Walsh thing ever.”

In 2020, while competing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Max, age 34, and Maisie, age 21, crossed paths.

In August of last year, it was revealed that Max and Maisie had been covertly dating after they were seen kissing on a flight.

They finally made their relationship public last summer and have been inseparable ever since.

Maisie and Max have spent many happy holidays together, and they finally made the commitment to live together early this year.

Max, the singer who just asked an actress to move in with him, shared the news with his fans on TikTok.

“We live together now, but we’re constantly travelling around the country, with Maisie touring” Max previously told OK!

“We want to get a place together and have a base in London – and maybe somewhere in Manchester too.

But Maisie replied, “With my job I’ve had for the last 20-ish years, I haven’t travelled very much, so it will be lovely to get to travel the world with my bestie.”