Maura Higgins’ sexiest shots – Tiny bikini, Lingerie, and Braless display

Thanks to her witty comments, Maura Higgins quickly became a fan favorite and will be remembered as one of Love Island’s most memorable contestants.

The Sexiest Photographs of Maura Higgins

Maura Higgins is going to be one of Love Island’s greatest contestants. The Irish beauty shot to fame on ITV’s hottest dating show in 2019 and became a huge hit with fans thanks to her memorable bust.

The star now boasts 3 million followers who regularly follow her steamy photos.

Tiny Bikini


During her recent trip to Mexico, the stunning beauty once again set social media ablaze by revealing nothing but her famous body in a skimpy bikini.

The reality star sipped from a coconut and wore a floral-print bikini, looking absolutely stunning.

Maura took advantage of her time away by curling her dark hair and showing off her new bronzed complexion, both of which complemented the model’s beautiful figure in this garment.

She jots down, “Hands up if you like coconuts.”


(Image: Instagram)

Maura is proud to show off her incredible curves in skimpy outfits, and her underwear is no exception.

Maura is one of the highest-paid models for lingerie giant Ann Summers, so her account is naturally full of steamy underwear photos and videos.


Maura Higgins
(Image: Instagram)

In the warm sunshine, Maura shone like a bronzed queen in a completely backless, seemingly see-through minidress.

She posed so that her pert behind would be in full view of onlookers as she walked by in the see-through dress.

It’s easy to see why the reality star has had so much success in front of the camera. The ITV star flashed a distant grin as she demonstrated her modeling skills.


(Image: Instagram)

Even though Higgins is wearing a tight outfit and knows how to pose “unlike anyone,” the photo still captures her attractive personality.

Tight skirt

(Image: Instagram)

The former Love Island star’s super curvy body is exactly what fans want to see.

Once again, the female model’s white bodycon dress that exposed her three rounds made her fans miserable.

Pamela Anderson makeover

Maura recently turned up the heat in a PVC outfit, and the internet nearly crashed as a result.

Her outfit of a black corset, fishnet tights, and leather over-the-knee boots dropped jaws.

In a honey-blonde waved curl wig reminiscent of Bay Watch star Pamela Anderson’s signature look, the Love Island beauty was unrecognizable.

Some more pictures

Maura Higgins
(Image: Instagram)
(Image: Instagram)