Mastering the Game: Best Weapons for Apex Legends Beginners

Best Apex Legends Beginners Weapons
Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends boasts a diverse arsenal, but navigating it as a newbie can be overwhelming. Fear not, fledgling Legends! This guide highlights the easiest-to-use weapons that’ll have you dominating the battlefield in no time.

Mastering the Game: Best Weapons for Apex Legends Beginners

While care package powerhouses like the Wingman and Kraber might tempt you, this list prioritizes ease of use and quick mastery. We’ll leave the meta shifts and burst mode mayhem for later. Consider these your training ground companions, ready to hone your skills and secure those chicken dinners.


The R-301 reigns supreme as the king of control. Its predictable recoil pattern makes it a laser beam in the right hands, and its hip-firing capabilities are surprisingly effective.


For those who prefer a smoother experience, the Volt is your best bet. Its buttery-smooth handling makes it a joy to use, and its iron sights are surprisingly effective. Just remember, digital threat sights are your friend for maximizing its damage through Bangalore smoke.


Next up, the Flatline packs a serious punch, rewarding skilled mouse and keyboard players with its versatility across all ranges. However, console warriors might find its controller recoil a bit unforgiving.


The Hemlok might not be the flashiest weapon, but its three-burst power is undeniable. It shreds through armor with ease, making it a favorite among burst-meta enthusiasts. Just remember, keep it on single-fire or a 2x optic to avoid recoil mayhem.


The Nemesis is a hidden gem for those who appreciate a forgiving fire rate. Its decently sized magazine and ramp-up mechanics offer room for error, even if your aim isn’t laser-focused. However, hip-firing is best left for close-quarters encounters.


If you’re a seasoned FPS veteran, the Longbow’s fast firing rate and impactful shots will feel familiar. Its room for error makes it forgiving for missed shots, allowing you to adjust your aim and track enemies effectively.


This SMG packs a punch, capable of eliminating foes in a blink with its high fire rate. Mastering its recoil takes time, but the reward is immense. For controller players, consider…

Triple Take

The Triple Take is a sniper for the patient hunters. Its hip-firing capabilities make it feel more like a shotgun, ideal for cracking armor before finishing the job with a submachine gun.


Don’t forget the trusty Peacekeeper! While challenging to master, its devastating close-range potential makes it a rewarding choice for those willing to put in the practice.

In the dynamic landscape of Apex Legends, choosing the right weapon is a personal journey. Experiment with these beginner-friendly options, find your preferred playstyle, and dominate the competition in the ever-evolving arenas of Apex Legends.