Marion Cotillard “Impressed” by Raf Simons’ Work for Dior

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French actress Marion Cotillard is impressed by the work designer Raf Simons is doing for Dior. Marion is a face of the famous fashion house and when asked if she wants any of the pieces from the new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, she said she loves many of the designs and is always so amazed by how Simons creates something fresh and modern each season. She explained that she is impressed with what she sees by the designer:

”Oh yeah, a lot of things. I’m very impressed by the way Raf reinvents his world all the time. He’s a very special person. The way he mixes his very modern vision of clothes and the Dior house is really, really impressive.”

Marion says she isn’t that concerned with her own style despite being known for her effortless and timeless French inspired style on the red carpet. She says she usually steers clear of what online fashion critics think of her style choices and doesn’t read any blogs about herself usually:

”I’m never really aware because I’m not very interested in it. I don’t need it. Sometimes people I work with read blogs, so I see the occasional thing about myself.”

The actress believes that reading negative comments about herself or her style doesn’t achieve anything and if she looks bad, she’ll still look bad and just feel worse. She commented:

”It makes me laugh because either way you can’t change anything. It’s not the end of the world if you look like s**t!”