Margot Robbie flaunts her svelte figure in a cowgirl dress for a Vogue photo shoot.

The most recent cover photo that Margot Robbie did for Vogue had her channeling her inner Barbie.

Margot Robbie appears for Vogue with her legs on full display in a cowgirl attire

New photos of the Hollywood actress show her wearing a cowboy suit, a long pink dress, and miniscule knickers, all of which make her appear very stunning.

Margot Robbie, a Hollywood hottie, has just been photographed by Vogue magazine looking stunning in a miniature cowgirl outfit, a small mini dress, and a royal-inspired ensemble.

She was grinning for the camera in a see-through top that matched her black bra and yellow roller skates.

The star’s contours were highlighted by the tiny green briefs that were cut off high above the hip and adorned with brilliant blue appliqué flowers.

Margot reached out one hand to the camera as she smiled for the camera and perched herself on a huge flowerpot.

Margot donned a red fringe jacket, brown leather belt, white studded cowboy hat, and blue gingham shirt for a third spectacular photo shoot.

The short costume ended at the top of her thigh, revealing skin as she leaned her head on her hands.

Robbie afterwards changed into a tiny pink minidress with a black floral print.

The Wolf of Wall Street starlet grinned and cinched her waist with one hand to display her hourglass form, and she couldn’t have been more stunning if she tried.

Robbie was then seen in a pink tweed coat and skirt, waving both hands like an actress of the highest order.

Margot rested one hand on her leg as her long blonde hair fell down her back.

Margot, who was born in Australia but now calls New York City home, plays Barbie in the upcoming film directed by Greta Gerwig, although she told Vogue that she “wasn’t a Barbie fanatic as a child.”