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Lupita Nyong’o on Her Makeup Experiments & Daily Beauty Look


’12 Years a Slave’ actress Lupita Nyong’o has opened up on her love for makeup, explaining that she loves to experiment with different looks and what she picks depends on her mood. For daywear, she usually opts for a pink or plum lipgloss but does like to go a little darker with her lipstick choices and likes “burgundies and earthy tones” the most. She isn’t afraid of trying out bold or bright shades and thinks they work best on the red carpet:

”My relationship with make-up is similar to my relationship with food: I like to experiment and it depends on what I’m in the mood for. Generally, for everyday, I opt for light pink and plum glosses. In terms of lipsticks, I like burgundies and earthy tones. I also like to play with bright colours – especially for the red carpet.”

Lupita is especially a big fan of lipstick and believes it is the quickest way to make an outfit more sophisticated and attention-grabbing. She likes to go for a bright shade in a matt finish when she really wants to stand out:

”Lipstick is a great way to bring a whole outfit together or quickly feel dressed up… If I’m feeling bold and don’t mind the extra attention. I brighten it up a little more and go with a matt texture.”

When it comes to her daily beauty look, the actress says she tries to be fuss-free and usually just adds some lip gloss and defines her brows, but if she has extra time she’ll do more:

”I’m very low maintenance. On a regular day I wear lip gloss and balm because it’s easy to throw on. I’ll define my eyebrows and depending on how much time I have, will put on eyeliner and mascara.”