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Love Island’s Maya Jama reportedly adores Kylie Jenner’s TikTok-popular blush

The host of “Love Island” is a fan of a particular shade of baby pink blush that creates the pink under-eye look popular on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Maya Jama of Love Island adores this TikTok-popular blush from Kylie Jenner’s line

(Image: Instagram / Letitia Sophia)

Maya Jama is the true star of the 2023 winter season of Love Island. The presenter has wowed us with her impeccable makeup and chic outfits, and she has been inspiring us to up our own beauty and fashion game.

This week she has us coveting a blush from Kylie Jenner‘s makeup line.

(Image: Kylie Cosmetics)

For the “cold girl” makeup look popular on TikTok right now, Jama reportedly favors the £17.10 Winter Kissed Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Blush Powder. It’s also the perfect shade of baby pink for those who want to try out the trend of applying pink concealer under the eyes.

So how do we know that the celebrity actually enjoys using this item? Letitia Sophia, Maya’s trusted make-up artist, tweeted photos of the actress with the caption: “My pretty girl in pink”. The carousel of images prompted fans to ask the MUA plenty of questions about what make-up Maya is wearing in the snap, with one saying: “What’s that blush, please? It’s stunning”.

Letitia has provided a helpful response to this remark by saying: “It’s @kyliecosmetics winter kissed x”.

Kylie, herself, is a fan of this particular blush. There are six different colors available, but it appears that she prefers a baby pink blush similar to Maya’s.

As we’ve noted, Kylie’s airbrushed eye area is largely responsible for the rise of the pink under-eyes trend.

We have a full explanation of the pink-under-eyes fad for those who are confused.

This is a more extreme version of the “cold girl” makeup style we discussed earlier. The baby-pink cheeks were meant to be carried up the under-eye area and across the bridge of the nose. To be more specific, a fade from pink beneath the eyes.

(Image: Instagram / MakeupbyAriel)

We at OK! were pleasantly surprised when Zoe, our deputy beauty editor, gave the trend a try, thinking it would be just another trend that only looks good on influencers.

“With very little skill, I managed to get a lighter, more wearable (for the average non-celeb who has to do Zoom meetings) take on this look. Something about the combination of the baby pink shade of blush with the pink shade of setting powder made me look brighter, healthier and more awake. In fact, I think it made me look younger than I did in my mid-twenties (I’m 30 now),” Zoe says.

It’s easy to see why Maya likes the baby pink trend so much.