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Love Island bombshell Ellie Spence’s real-life horror hospitalization and other off-screen antics

Ellie Spence, the bombshell who had been expected to join Love Island for eight days, has finally arrived at the villa. Look behind the scenes at her personal life as she gets ready to make a change.

Controversial revelations from Love Island Ellie Spence’s real-life horror hospitalization and other off-screen antics

(Image: Instagram / elliespennie)

Even though the current season of Love Island is only two weeks into airing, the winter edition filmed in South Africa this year has already delivered a number of surprising developments.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess, what with the show’s history of shocking double dumpings and a crossover with the Australian version of the show.

Even more unexpectedly, bombshell Ellie Spence has entered the villa just eight days after viewers at home voted to send fellow newcomer Tom Clare into the villa instead of her.

Let’s take a peek into the 25-year-life old’s outside of Love Island as she gets ready to make some waves…

(Image: Instagram / elliespennie)

Ellie, a Norwich native and current Business Development Executive at a law firm, is the latest Love Island contestant to have a background in the law.

Ellie has been single for three years and is ready to find a husband on the show, though she does admit that she will bring “drama” and “unpredictability” to the villa.

Concerning her romantic history, she continued: “I’m single because I fall in love really quick, but I fall out of it just as quickly. I could literally fall in love with a chair and then a week later be like, ‘Oh wait, no, that’s a chair…’

“I fall in love quickly because I build up a character of someone in my head and then they breathe in the wrong direction and I’m like, ‘Next!’”

The singleton has previously referred to herself as “a little bit of a liability,” but she has also stated that she is constantly seeking amusement.

(Image: Instagram / elliespennie)

“You know when you have the mums of the group when you go out? I’m the one swinging on the chandelier refusing to go home. I’m definitely a good time girl,” she said.

Ellie has apparently spent two weeks in the hospital due to an accident brought on by her mischievous behavior.

“When I was drunk I climbed over the gates of my friend’s house, fell and almost lost my leg.

“I was in hospital for two weeks but they stitched me back up. It left me with a big scar on my leg but I’m so blasé about it, if I’m in a bikini you can’t not see it,” she explained.

Ellie revealed that Travis Fimmel is her celebrity crush when it comes to romantic interests, and that she is repulsed by conceited people.

The Love Island star appears to keep a low profile on Instagram, with only 12 grid posts to her name, many of which are focused on her exquisite wardrobe.