Lou Doillon Explains the Secret to French Style & Her Fashion Inspiration

Posted by admin on September 27th, 2017

Lou Doillon, the stunning model daughter of iconic beauty Jane Birkin, has shared her style tips and inspiration, as well as what she thinks the key to French style is. Speaking on where she personally sources her own style inspiration from, Lou says she doesn’t look to the elite inner fashion circle, but actually just regular girls on the street because she loves how honest and real they look. She commented:

“There is something slightly disturbing about communicating with the elite, and it has never been the elite that have inspired me. It’s been the girl on the street. I love when you see girls, where you want to bring them back, like a bird that has fallen out of the nest. I love it when they wear the big coats, or have that messy hair.”

Speaking on famous French style, Lou admits she thinks “arrogance” is actually the key, because French girls like to follow their own rules and aren’t particularly interested in being told what to wear by magazines or trends. She explained:

“French style has got to do with a certain form of arrogance, which I love. French girls have a tremendous respect for themselves in a way, and so they have what they want to wear, and what they won’t wear—even if every magazine cover is saying, “This is what you should be wearing,’ French girls are funny like that. They have their own thing going.”

Lou reveals that growing up, she was very inspired by Kate Moss and always loved how she dressed herself: “I like to be moved by girls. I was obsessed as a teenager with Kate Moss because she was a model who I wanted to bring back home! I like it when the jacket is too big or the trousers are too small.”



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