LoL Season 13 – Best Mid Champions

This article will show you some of the best mid champions to pick in the current LoL season 13 meta. Let’s take a look.

LoL Season 13 – Best Mid Champions

There are many good picks in the mid lane, and your ability to get a lead and roam to other lanes is often what separates you from the competition. While some champions are better at duels, others are better at teamfights. Here are our selections:


LoL 13 Best Mid Champions 1Rod of Ages has returned, as has Anivia. Anivia has more than enough damage to burn (or freeze) through an enemy team with items like Archangel’s Staff and Void Staff. She currently has a win rate of 51.87% across all ranks. Because you have no mobility on her, positioning is crucial. You do have good zone control with her Q and W.


Kassadin currently has a win rate of 52.53% in Platinum or higher and a win rate of 51.72% across all ranks. He starts slowly, but once he gets going, his ultimate makes it very difficult to take him down. It can be used as an attacking move as well as a way to retreat, making it difficult to catch him. He can also use it to quickly execute an enemy from behind a wall, making vision control crucial to his effective use.


LoL 13 Best Mid Champions 2The new Season 13 changes have made Swain even more of a threat. He’s a great damage dealer with a lot of survivability, capable of draining the life out of tanks on the opposing team. His current win rate is 51.63%, which is quite respectable. He doesn’t have too many bad matchups, making him a safe bet in most situations.


In Season 13, Vex is a pick to pay attention to. She performs well in a variety of match-ups and has a 51.40% win rate across all ranks in patch 12.23. Vex has recently been dominating the Mid lane as LoL’s newest Yordle. She isn’t a pure carry, though, like some mid laners; instead, she excels at starting fights and intimidating the opposition to help your team score kills.


Zed has always been a popular choice and is frequently banned in the pregame lobby. His win rate is only 49.44%. So, what makes him on the list? A good Zed player can easily dominate an entire game, and the difference between a good and bad Zed player is night and day. If you can truly master this champion, you’ll have a good pick for the majority of matches.

And those are some of the best mid laners to pick in League of Legends Season 13.