Lo Bosworth Reveals Her Makeup Secrets & Top Beauty Trends She Wants to Try

Reality star Lo Bosworth has shared some of her unique beauty secrets. She reveals that when she’s applying foundation, she has a little secret which she thinks makes a huge difference to the final result. Lo likes to use a foundation brush and dabs a little toner on to the brush during application which she says gives her skin a radiant and dewy finish. She commented on how it works:

“When I put on foundation or concealer, I always use a brush to do it, but I always put a little bit of toner onto the brush [beforehand] to add moisture because I feel like when you’re doing your makeup, it has the tendency to come out looking dry if you put it right onto your skin. Adding a little bit of toner onto the brush periodically when I’m putting makeup on my face makes such a nice dewy, sort of Photoshopped finish.”


Speaking on what summer beauty trends she’s interested in trying now that the season is in full swing, Lo says she would love to give purple tones a go: “I’m interested in trying out purple [makeup]. Not necessarily as a purple lipstick but as a purple-toned blush worn with a really light pink lipstick. That sort of combination—like a radiant orchid.”


Commenting on how she takes her beauty look from day to night, Lo adds that she likes to take some time to apply some fresh products, although often she will just touch up her current beauty look to make it look more polished for the evening ahead:

“Most of the time, for me at least, when it comes to be 4 or 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, a quick refresh of my makeup—a little more mascara, a little more powder, a little more lipstick—takes me from day to night. I don’t do a lot of foundation or eyeshadow or nighttime eyes just because it’s 7 o’ clock. And I feel like especially in New York, you’re sort of out for the day and you can just do a touchup, you don’t need this total transformation.”