Lily Collins Shares Her Beauty Routine & Comments on Accepting Her Looks


Rising actress Lily Collins has opened up on coming to accept her own looks. Often praised for her unique beauty and being specifically recognisable because of her bold eyebrows, Lily says she used to worry about her appearance and thought she should change things about herself to be more like others. Now, she has learned to embrace what makes her stand out from the crowd and she sees it as positive:

I used to be very unsure – should I be more tanned, or trim my eyebrows? Everyone talks about my eyebrows! But now I know these are the things that make me. And my individuality is actually something directors like. I don’t have to look like everybody else! When you finally understand that, you save yourself a lot of stress and time. I can invest that time in things that make me happy – like spreading positive messages about beauty and individuality on Instagram.”

Sharing her own beauty routine, Lily says she has to take special care of her dry skin, and she always cleanses and moisturizes after working out. She tries to wear simple makeup during the day while concealing blotches and highlighting her features subtly. Lily commented on her daily rountine:

“After a workout at the gym and a shower, I wash my face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser and apply Lancôme Hydra Zen moisturiser – my skin is rather dry. I keep make-up very simple – concealer on red areas, a light translucent compact powder, Lancôme Hypnôse mascara, a little blush, a touch of highlighter under my brows and some eyebrow gel.”