Lily Aldridge Storing Her Wedding Dresses for Her Daughter


American model Lily Aldridge has opened up on saving her wedding dresses (she had more than one!) for her 21-month-old daughter Dixie. Lily turned to designer Vera Wang to create her wedding dress and she reveals that there was even one dress made that she ended up not wearing on the big day. She plans to keep the precious pieces in storage so she can one day pass them on to her daughter if she wants them in the future:

”Vera is iconic so to have her personally make my dress was pretty special. They made a beautiful silk ’40s-style after-party dress that no one saw. Maybe one day my daughter Dixie will want them.”

Speaking on her travel style, Lily says she doesn’t know how anyone can wear heels when boarding a plan. She always wears flat ankle boots. She also believes an army jacket is a wardrobe must-have because it can go with so many pieces:

“I don’t know how anyone travels in heels. Flat boots are non-negotiable. My favourite pair right now are studded ankle boots from Chloé. An army jacket is a wardrobe essential; it looks great thrown over a little lace dress. I’ve designed a khaki leopard one for my line.”

Speaking on staying fit and healthy, the model says she eats mostly organic foods and likes to stay in shape with ballet:

”I do a ballet routine four times a week, that’s really all. I eat a lot of organic foods, I cook, I indulge. You have to balance and have what’s good for you. I believe in cooking for yourself.”