Liberty Poole of Love Island had to beg ITV bosses for a plunging red Dancing On Ice outfit

Liberty Poole, the ITV Love Island star, has revealed that she is eager to relive her favorite moment from her stint on Dancing On Ice earlier this year.

Liberty Poole adores her red ensemble

Liberty Poole of Love Island is upset she didn’t get to keep any of her Dancing on Ice outfits, so she devised a plan. Earlier this year, the blonde bombshell appeared on the show and did well in the ITV competition.

She revealed her plans to the Daily Star exclusively on Monday (October 23) at the Pride of Britain Awards.

When asked if she kept any of her looks, she replied: “I didn’t take any, but I do still want my red one because I loved it so much, it looked so good, I’ll message them you know and try to get it back.”

The 23-year-old expressed her love for her racy red ensemble, but she did receive some backlash from fans at the time.

Following her first performance, some viewers labeled her low-cut red dress as “inappropriate.”

Liberty made an impressive debut with Joe Johnson, but her boobs seemed to distract viewers.

Fans took to social media to express their feelings, with one writing: “#DancingOnIce Liberty’s boobs will help when she tumbles…”

While another added: “Liberty Poole looks like the stereotype of a blonde bimbo #DancingOnIce.”

Liberty, on the other hand, stood firm and defended herself against the opinions of others, claiming that she’d “always had big boobs.”

She added: “I’m not going to stop being myself to please other people or change myself in any way. I’m me at the end of the day, and I’ve always had naturally big boobs and that’s the way it is.”

Other fans, however, backed the Islander, writing:

“Can’t wait for there to be loads of comments and complaints about Liberty’s cleavage but absolutely no complaints about Ben flashing his chest. Double standards as per usual! #DancingOnIce. People judging liberty for showing a bit of skin and cleavage didn’t see you moaning when Ben ripped his shirt open, got to love double standards #DancingOnIce,”

She also revealed that she will be rooting for her showbiz pal Joey Essex this year and believes he will do well in the competition despite being dubbed the series’ “dark horse.”