“Lexi’s an A* student, so I don’t want her to mess that up” – Amanda Holden says her daughter, 17, must graduate high school before she can begin a modeling career

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"Lexi's an A* student, so I don't want her to mess that up" - Amanda Holden says her daughter, 17, must graduate high school before she can begin a modeling career

Amanda Holden has said that she is requiring her “A* student” daughter Lexi to graduate high school before beginning a career in modeling.

Amanda Holden insists that her daughter, a senior in high school, complete her education before she may pursue a career in modeling

The 52-year-old actress and Heart Breakfast co-host has two daughters with her husband, Chris Hughes: Hollie, 11, and Lexi, 17.

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Lexi, following in her famous mother’s footsteps, signed with Storm Model Management last year.

But mom Amanda is adamant that Lexi finish her education first before she embarks on a modeling career.

“Lexi’s an A* student so I don’t want her to mess that up and she wants to do it all,”  Amanda said.

Amanda encourages her professional development by inviting her to’relevant’ events like fashion award ceremonies.

Amanda told us in her own words: “We went to the Fashion Awards which was really exciting. So yeah, I want to take her to the right things, the relevant things.”

“She’s interested in the fashion side of things.”

As of March 2022, Amanda has followed in the footsteps of her showbiz mom by signing her eldest daughter with the Storm modeling agency.

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Supermodel Kate Moss was also represented by Storm for a significant portion of her successful career.

‘Lexi was approximately last year and obviously we were waiting until she was 16 to sign. It’s something she actually wants to do, so I’m taking the lead from her.”

She may be shy, but she has strong convictions. She has a high IQ and hopes to continue her education.

There is zero obligation, and we may wait and see what develops. Yet she intends to finish school and can count on our support no matter what she decides to do.

Regarding Lexi’s next moves a year on, Amanda exclusively informed that:  ‘She’s been taken on by Storm. She’s 17 but I think when she’s 18 we’ll start looking for her to be in that field. At the minute they are working on her Lookbook.’

“It will be a soft, slow thing and [Lexi] won’t do anything until she’s 18,” she said. “But they want her and that’s what she wants to do.”

The 52-year-old TV personality said, “I’m extremely conscious of what activities we go to,” when questioned about her and Lexi’s recent red carpet outings.

‘We went to the Fashion Awards which was really exciting. So yeah, I want to take her to the right things, the relevant things. She’s interested in the fashion side of things.’

On Tuesday, Amanda celebrated her reappointment as the brand ambassador for Revive Collagen.

In late 2021, Samantha Faiers’ high-end liquid collagen supplement company hired Amanda to be their Enhanced Plus collagen brand ambassador.

Amanda claims that the substance is responsible for her current level of health and youthful vitality despite her advanced age of 52.

Lexi, according to her mother of two, takes collagen to take care of her skin while she prepares for a career in modeling.

 ‘Lexi takes them too, it doesn’t do her any harm,” Amanda replied. She has amazing skin, obviously she went through a bit of a phase with acne as a teenager, and I feel this is keeping her neutral and supporting her.

‘She is amazing at makeup, she’s all over TikTok for the tips. She has a very natural look and she just looks beautiful.’

The Britain’s Got Talent judge and her husband, Chris, a music producer, have a younger daughter, Hollie, who is 11 years old.

This follows Amanda’s confession that she will not allow Lexi to appear on Love Island, a dating competition airing on ITV2.

Amanda’s co-host on Heart FM’s morning program, Jamie Theakston, called the ITV2 dating show “manipulative,” and Amanda said she doesn’t want Lexi “anywhere near” it.

Amanda said earlier this year that she doesn’t want Lexi to join Love Island.

“No way.. my daughter’s 18 next year,” she said. “It’s just another way of being famous, isn’t it really? It’s not really about love. It’s just about looking hot and just getting involved… but I mean, it’s just amazing telly but it’s not really for love so I don’t want my daughter anywhere near.”

Because Lexi is a fan of the ITV2 show, she has previously opened up about her reservations.

Here were her exact words: “So this is becoming a bit of an obsession with my teenage daughter at home now, whose never taken one scrap of interest in Love Island and now is all over it.”

“Which worries me slightly bearing in mind that Michael Owen’s daughter is on it, and I’m like, ‘you ain’t ever going on it, Alexa’.”