League of Legends DRX Worlds 2022 skins – Release date & details

DRX Worlds 2022 skins

Kingen, top laner for the DRX 2022 team, recently held a live session to discuss the team’s upcoming  League of Legends DRX Worlds skins.

League of Legends DRX Worlds 2022 skins – Release date

While no specifics have been provided, we can anticipate the DRX 2022 skins to be released soon.

League of Legends DRX Worlds 2022 skins – Details

The DRX players revealed which champions they are considering for the upcoming Worlds 2022 skins at a press conference held following the final match. There are six champions in total, and they are as follows:

  • Kingen (top lane): Aatrox
  • Zeka (mid lane): Akali
  • Deft (bot lane): Caitlyn
  • Beryl (support): Ashe
  • Pyosik (jungle): Kindred
  • Juhan: Maokai

The Worlds 2022 skins are likely to feature the team’s traditional blue and white. This year, Riot has announced that in addition to the regular skins, the winning team at the World Championships will also receive a Prestige skin.

In addition to the skins, the victorious team will also receive a ward skin, icons, chromas, and borders. It appears that the Worlds 2022 tournament will feature a lot of exclusive content for players, and these items will soon be made available to fans of the game.

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