Lamar Odom Wants to Move to Italy & Run Naked Through the Fields

Posted by PZ on February 7th, 2013


According to Khloe Kardashian, when her basketball player husband Lamar is finishing off his career, they’ll probably head to a country in Europe or somewhere overseas and she believes that in the future the couple will end up living abroad despite her own busy career which is often based in Los Angeles:

”When it’s the end of Lamar’s career maybe he’ll play overseas a little. I think we’ll be living abroad.”

Lamar thinks they’ll go to a small village in Italy where they’ll be able to run free in fields full of daisies naked together:

”We’ll be tucked away in a little Italian village. Drinking wine, naked, in a field full of daisies!”

Speaking on their fights, Khloe says that they do often get into little arguments because they’re both extremely stubborn and need to get their own way:

”Everyone gets on your nerves sometimes. Yes we bicker, we’re both stubborn, but we make sure never to go to bed angry.”

Lamar adds that they always work it out:

”And we say our prayers together. That helps. Plus this girl is going to make you talk it out! Trust me. It’s all about working to make it work. I don’t care if you’re on the road or if you’re a couple that spends every hour with one another. You have to give a little and take a little.”

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