LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for April 6 2023

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for March 14 2023

What is the LA Times Crossword  game ?

The LA Times Daily Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. Players generally seem to find Saturday to be the hardest day, with Monday being the easiest. What’s even better is that it’s completely free and you don’t need to be a LA Times subscriber to play.

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for April 6 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the LA Times crossword puzzle for April 6, 2023

Clue Answer
Novel units PAGES
The Good Place Emmy nominee Rudolph MAYA
Missing reveille perhaps AWOL
Cornmeal cake similar to a gordita AREPA
Library of Congress collection AMERICANA
One who takes the fall PATSY
Takes a fall NOSEDIVES
Not to mention ALSO
USO audience GIS
Sings some high notes? YODELS
Office chore EMAIL
Sully MAR
Spacewalk initials EVA
Informal No reason JUSTCUZ
Asylum seeker perhaps EMIGRE
Mahal TAJ
U2 lead singer BONO
Singer Celine DION
2013 Literature Nobelist Alice MUNRO
Paintballs e.g. AMMO
Request after eating too many jalapeños AGUA
Defib expert EMT
Hall of Famer Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
Taste SIP
Extra qtrs. OTS
Sit-up targets ABS
The Smartest Guys in the Room company ENRON
Like Marriage Story but not Toy Story RATEDR
Trough guy PIG
4K display e.g. HDTV
Lay it on me IMALLEARS
Greek gathering place AGORA
Fightin words LEMMEATEM
Victorious cry WEWON
Petrol brand ESSO
Girl on Fire singer Alicia KEYS
Allows to use for a bit LENDS
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Clue Answer
Rapidly drying Asian sea ARAL
Really? ITIS
salts EPSOM
Ive been meaning to ask … SAY
Capital city on Luzon MANILA
John of Roots and The West Wing AMOS
Hallelujah! YES
Prilosec target ACID
Greet silently WAVE
Scott Turow book ONEL
Megastars IDOLS
Lingus AER
Barely open AJAR
Gold __ flour MEDAL
Latina friend AMIGA
Alternative to an uphill climb TBAR
The Price Is Right signature phrase and an apt description of the answers to the starred clues COMEONDOWN
Yet to be satisfied UNMET
Goes lickety-split ZOOMS
Pesky insect GNAT
Blast letters TNT
Ballpark judges UMPS
National Poetry mo. APR
Big dipper LADLE
Irritate but good RILE
Iowa State city AMES
Highlands hats TAMS
Monster whos in his own world ELMO
Salmon to bears PREY
Stepped TROD
Off the Wall sneakers brand VANS
Leatherwork tool AWL

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