Kylie Jenner Steals Beauty Tips From Sister Kendall


Kylie Jenner has revealed that she often takes beauty tips from her older model sister Kendall because Kendall has learnt a lot about skincare during her struggle with acne as a teenager and has passed on her secrets to Kylie. Kylie says she now avoids facials because of Kendall’s advice and also uses some very natural products to keep her skin clear, including some from Kendall’s dermatologist:

“I don’t do facials or anything like that. I have always heard that they’re bad. Kendall is a skin guru because she had acne when she was younger so she knows everything, so she told me not to get facials. I am really into Kiehl’s right now, and Kendall’s dermatologist has a line of stuff that she makes, so I’ve been using her natural washes, too.”

Many celebrities say they swear by coconut oil to keep their skin hydrated and Kylie reveals that she uses it all over including on her hair. She says it’s the best product to use:

“Coconut oil is everything to me, I put it all over my body, in my hair, that’s the best.”

When it comes to hair, Kylie loves to call up hairstylist Jen Atkin but she often has competition from her sister Khloe who also loves to use her. The sisters joke that they don’t want anyone else to use their favourite stylist:

“Khloé is obsessed with her, so she gets mad every time we use her. She’s just so good, that she doesn’t want anyone else to have her, but it’s all playing and fun and games.”