Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Must-Have Contouring Product


Kylie Jenner loves makeup – she regularly shares her makeup experiments and beauty looks via her instagram, and she now even has her own lip kit. The reality star has opened up on her beauty must-haves, revealing the contouring powder she always swears by that she believes is essential for her signature sculpted look. She revealed her top products:

“I always use a sculpting powder by Rodial, as it creates a really good contour. I cover dark circles with a Nars concealer, which hides everything, and I obviously love the Kylie Lip Kit, too! I use the shade Dolce K for a day-to-day look. When I leave the house, I always have three things with me: my car keys, a chapstick, and a lip liner. “

Kylie adds that makeup isn’t the only important part of her beauty regimen – skincare is also something she obsesses over. She is aware that her makeup looks will always be better when her skin feels fresh and glowing, so she uses products that leave her with a bright complexion:

“Skincare is really important to me. I love trying new products and experimenting with them. I use the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser to wash my face, as it leaves my skin looking really bright. My make-up always looks better when my skin is in good condition and I always feel my skin looks better after I’ve put on a mask. I love to use one after travelling. The Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Plumping Serum is really hydrating – I’ve been using it non-stop for ages.”

Commenting on the beauty look she’d love to return to, Kylie says she misses her famous teal hair colour and would love to have it again:

“In terms of my favourite look that I’ve tried, I always look back to when I coloured my hair a teal blue a couple of years ago. It’s my favourite shade I’ve done so far and I miss it – I’m actually thinking about doing it again. I like to change up my beauty looks – I use wigs now, as they’re much better for your hair. “