Kylie Jenner, in her $36.5 million Holmby Hills mansion’s lawn, strips down to a TINY GOLD BIKINI and enjoys the “golden hour”

The 25-year-old Founder of Kylie Cosmetics wore a tiny gold two-piece from her older sister Khloe Kardashian’s business Good American to show off her unbelievable curves.

Kylie Jenner sunbathes in her $36.5M Holmby Hills mansion’s backyard in a little gold bikini


Kylie Jenner’s recent bikini selfies on Instagram made her look like a pinup model.

The top was a classic triangular shape that highlighted her big bust, and the bottoms were a daring thong cut.

She struck a sexy position on the edge of a white lounger in the garden of her $36.5 million Holmby Hills property, which overlooked a swimming pool.

Kylie gave the camera her best bedroom eyes as she curled up on the chair, one knee up to her chin and the other hanging off the side.

She sat in the Southern California sun with her long, raven hair flipped to one side.

“Golden hour baby,” the mother of two who has 385 million followers wrote as a caption.

Kylie gave birth to her son Aire in February 2022, and she promptly lost over 40 pounds by adopting a rigorous fitness routine.

She had previously discussed her postpartum experience openly, sharing that she had gained 60 pounds throughout her pregnancy.

Kylie got back in shape by following an intense exercise plan that included long, uphill treadmill walks.

Kylie’s second child with ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, Aire, is now two. They have a daughter, Stormi, who is five years old.

After meeting at Coachella in 2017, the couple dated on and off for five years before breaking up right before the New Year.

They are successfully co-parenting their children and have a strong and positive connection.

In a series of comments on photos posted to Kylie’s Instagram earlier this month, Travis professed his undying affection for Kylie.

The rapper, who was accused of infidelity last year but always denied it, referred to her as “a beauty” in a song lyrics sample.

A source told Us Weekly that Kylie thought it was “very lovely” of him to make such a public display of his affection for her.

Kylie had just hours before used her influence to advertise Kylie Cosmetics’ first-ever mascara, and now she’s back with another hot slideshow.

According to the brand’s official Instagram, it was developed to “raise lashes for lasting volume and definition.”

Kylie announced the release of her first mascara in a YouTube video, writing, “my first mascara launches TOMORROW at 9am pst on yayyy i can’t wait for you to fall in love.”

She also uploaded several beautiful promotional images.

The reality personality wore an ultra-chic backless black gown with gloved sleeves for the photo series.

Her dark hair was pulled back neatly into a bun so that it wouldn’t go in her eyes.

Around her eyes, a light shimmering bronze shadow was applied, and a coat of Kylash volume mascara was applied to her lengthy lashes.

Her cheekbones were brought out with a warm contour, and her lips were given a nude tint and lined with a deeper lipliner.

The businesswoman topped off her professional attire with a set of silver hoop earrings and a matching small ear cuff.

The cosmetics tycoon posted a variety of shots, including some that were blurry but still gave the post a personal feel.

On Thursday, in addition to the official release of the mascara, an array of Matte Liquid Eyeshadows in a total of five different colours will also be made available.

Kylie, who at the age of 17 launched her cosmetics brand, spoke to Vanity Fair Italia in February 2018 about the origins of her business.

“I was 15 years old and I was obsessed with lipstick. I never went out without it. She said to the media source, I went to my mother and said, I’d like to create a beauty product line.”

“She didn’t take me seriously right away, however, then she started to believe in it and help me. We made many mistakes, but mistakes are part of projects, they are necessary steps. Maybe it is wrong to call them mistakes.”