Kim Kardashian’s unexpected reaction after discovering a “tarantula” 

Kim Kardashian screamed and ran in terror after discovering a “tarantula” in her luxury mansion.

Kim Kardashian screams and panics after discovering a massive spider

Kim Kardashian "tarantula"
(Image: kimkardashian/Instagram)

The 42-year-old Kardashians star ran into the perplexed arachnid inside her home and shared the hilarious encounter on her Instagram Story : “Don’t go near it”.

She warns her children while filming the spider in shaky footage that she shares with her 330 million online followers.

“It’s so big,” someone in the background exclaims, seemingly attempting to gain control of the situation; they are later heard walking away to find something to catch the spider.

Kim Kardashian "tarantula"
(Image: kimkardashian/Instagram)

Kim and her children are then seen running away from the, most likely terrified, spider, as the reality star breaks down in tears.

Kim says in the hilarious clip: “You guys. Don’t get near it, its got to be a tarantula.”

As Kim continues to document the terrifying ordeal, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, can be heard in the video calling for their “mommy.”

“How did this… is this real?” Kim asks just seconds before screaming at the top of her lungs as the spider flees, just out of frame.

Kim did not mention the tarantula again on her Instagram Story after the short clip ended with the family fleeing from it. Isn’t it really amusing?

Fans have previously chastised The Kardashians star for being seen preparing a “quick and easy” meal for her family. Several people have stated that Kim would never cook for herself and that cooking would be ‘handled by her chef.’

One follower joked: “You can endorse almost any product BUT food and cooking. We all know you don’t ever lift a finger on simple domestic tasks.”

“Why would they have Kim Kardashian doing that? Lol we all know she has a chef,” another joked.

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