Kim Kardashian’s $60 million mansion has extremely strict house rules.

After the divorce, Kim Kardashian took ownership of the mansion and now the 41-year-old singer lives and works here.

Kim Kardashian has extremely strict house rules for her $60 million mansion

Kim Kardashian runs a tight ship, and her house guests must follow her stringent set of rules. She is wary of taking risks after being held at gunpoint by burglars.

The businesswoman fought tooth and nail to gain sole ownership of her and Kayne West’s $60 million Los Angeles mansion, which she has been enjoying ever since.

Her four children are not permitted to play in the living room, which she refers to as her “favorite room in the house.”

A massive circular-shaped sofa covered in over 20 cushions takes up the majority of the space in the sprawling room.

In one Instagram photo, she can be seen running across it, but only Kim is permitted to climb on the sofa.

The singer said: “Our home decor taste tends to be minimal and modern, but the kids’ playroom is the one room in the house where I let them run wild.

“That’s where all the markers, paints and colors are … By the time they’re done there, they have no desire to take a pen to our white furniture, lol!”

When they first bought the sprawling property, Kim made it a rule that no photos of the inside of the house could be shared on social media.

Even her own reality show crew was barred from filming inside the family’s home.

Kanye ignored this rule after sharing three photos of the mansion shortly after it was renovated.

She was dissatisfied and tweeted: “Ummm babe. We had a rule to not show our home on social media! Soooo can we now allow KUWTK filming in the home?”

Phones are also prohibited at the dinner table, and the children have “set social hours.”

“If you get a phone call … and you guys are all eating dinner together, never get up and leave and take the call or take it at the table because [if you do] you’re showing your kids that this phone call is more important than them.” she said on a Beautycon2018 panel.

“I remember growing up, [with] our home phone, I had rules,” she explained. “There were phone hours. And so there should be cell-phone hours. You should never sleep by your phone.”

Kim requires all of her guests to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which promises to keep all conversations inside the house private.

“Kim’s not very popular with a lot of her kids’ friends’ moms, because she’s so paranoid about even having a basic conversation with them,” a source previously told

Another of her rules is that no jewelry is displayed, which she instituted after being held at gunpoint by two men in Paris in 2016.

“The very few pieces of jewellery that Kim does still own are being stored elsewhere – under constant supervision – with very elaborate security measures to get to it.”

Before she was bound, gagged, and locked in a bathroom, they examined her $8 million engagement ring.