Kim Kardashian, 42, says she’s cried herself to sleep more than once because of the stress of raising her four children

In an upcoming podcast episode of On Purpose With Jay Shetty, Kim Kardashian admitted that she cries herself to sleep when discussing the difficulty of raising her four children.

Kim Kardashian has spoken candidly about the challenges she faces as a mother of four

The SKIMS founder, 42, who shares North, nine, Saint, seven, Chicago, five, and Psalm, four, with her ex-husband, Kanye West, was questioned by the host what her ‘ideal’ of parenting was like before kids versus ‘what it actually is.’

‘Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and it couldn’t be a more true statement,’ the reality star said.

‘So, like, when you’re in it, I mean, especially when they’re newborns and you’re feeding and there’s chaos going on,’ she continued. It’s completely insane. But it’s the best kind of anarchy.’

‘Like, you have no idea what is going on in my mornings,’ Kim explained. ‘It’s like if I’m always having to do one of my daughters’ hair, and it has to be flawless and a certain manner.’

‘And then this one requires my assistance in putting on his shoes, and they all require your assistance. Cooking and rushing around is complete craziness. It’s incredible. That’s why I need my morning workout to prepare for the two hours of insanity.’

‘I’d say parenting is the thing that has taught me the most about myself,’ the media personality said of fatherhood. It’s been the most difficult thing. Some evenings, I weep myself to sleep, wondering, “What just happened?” You know, with all of their emotions and personalities, and sometimes they fight.’

‘There’s no one there,’ she explained. As an example, I am the good cop and the bad officer. So, it is definitely a difficulty,’ she admitted, adding that she was ‘working on being a little more firmer.’

Kim continued to be frank and honest with Jay, admitting, ‘There’s nothing that can prepare you. Anyone who says, “Oh, we’re waiting for ‘x’ amount of money in the bank” or “Oh, we’re waiting to have a home before we have kids” is never prepared.

Despite the difficulties of parenthood, the star confidently declared, ‘You will figure it out. And you’ll be so proud of yourself for figuring it out and getting through the day.’

While the mother of four recognized that raising a family may be difficult, she also revealed how gratifying it can be.

‘It teaches you so much more about yourself than I believe any parent could have ever imagined.’

‘I mean, as a mom, there are nights when you don’t wash your hair for days, and you have spit up all over you, and you’re wearing the same pajamas…and there’s simply nothing that can prepare you for this experience,’ she says.

‘It is the most difficult and gratifying job on the earth,’ The Kardashians star concluded.

Kim married Kanye West in 2014, and they had two girls, North and Chicago, as well as two sons, Saint and Psalm.

However, the media celebrity filed for divorce from the musician in February 2021, which was later finalized late last year in November.