Khloe Kardashian Wanted to “Fake a Heart Attack” During X Factor

Posted by PZ on February 1st, 2013


Khloe Kardashian has opened up on how hard she found being a host on ‘The X Factor’. She admits that she wasn’t prepared for live TV and that she was told not to take any hosting courses so she could learn more before the job because she was supposed to be herself on camera.  The first bit of trouble she encountered was not being able to see properly when she needed to read off the teleprompter:

”I’ve never done live TV before, and I was asked to not do any hosting lessons because they wanted me to be just myself. I found the day before because the stage was just built, that I couldn’t read the teleprompter without glasses, so I had to get contacts the day before.”

Khloe also had to learn how to multitask because there was so many things to remember at once. She had to learn from scratch all of the elements involved and says that it took her a while to master it:

”Just learning how there’s a screaming audience and you don’t yell because the mic is right there … I will have an earpiece in my ear, and while I’m trying to read the teleprompter then I have someone counting down … and they’re like, ‘Okay, ask Simon this or that’ … There were so just so many pieces I never knew were involved in live TV.”

Khloe reveals that she loved judge Simon Cowell because he was so open and honest with her, just as he is on the show with the contestants. She felt relieved when Simon told her that she was hired to just be herself:

”I actually love Simon. I love that personality, I love the honesty. He was so phenomenal to me. He could tell I kind of lost my confidence the first week … I got insecure for a minute, and Simon told me, ‘I hired you for you, I could have hired any trained host, so be yourself.’ And as soon as he said that, I felt like I was getting into my groove, and then it was the finale and now it’s over.”

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