Khloe Kardashian Speaks on Designing Kardashian Kids Collection

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Khloe Kardashian has revealed that her sisters Kim and Kourtney do most of the work when designing the Kardashian Kids collection because they’re both moms, and so have a good idea of the practical needs involved when approaching the design process. Khloe explained:

“With Kardashian Kids, Kourtney and Kim, steer the ship on this one. I’d love to have an opinion – because I’m incredibly opinionated – but I get shot down a lot. My sisters are great, because – since they have kids – they know what works, and what pieces are needed and most functional.”

Khloe says she isn’t completely excluded from the design process and still recommends the pieces she likes the best, while her sisters just have a better knowledge of what children will enjoy wearing and what is practical, so they’re able to collaborate well and find a good balance between style and function:

”I do love to recommend styles, silhouettes, and accessory pieces – like there’s a jumpsuit whose silhouette I really love. And, my sisters are really adamant about the fabrics that kids like, and the quality and functionality of it.”

Khloe adds that the line is inspired by what her nieces and nephew like to wear personally, and she believes they’re already beginning to develop their own fashion tastes despite their young age, which she finds fascinating to watch develop:

”Well, I think the style is more based off of Penelope, North, and Mason, to be honest with you, and how they’re fashionistas in their own right. We definitely use them as inspiration, and the collection speaks to their personalities. It’s funny what they tend to like; Penelope likes to dress herself, for example, and what she’s drawn to is totally different than what North is drawn to. And, they’re not even three years old yet! It’s so entertaining to watch that.”