Kendall & Kylie Jenner Design Back-to-School PacSun Collection


Reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner have just launched a new fashion collection in collaboration with PacSun, specifically aimed at teenagers heading back to school soon. Kendall confirmed the collection’s launch previously via her twitter account, writing about the upcoming launch date:

”So excited to announce that our new Back To School Collection lands at @PacSun on Friday, July 25th!”

Model Kendall, who is 18, and Kylie, 16, decided to take inspiration from their own Californian sense of lifestyle and blend their vision with a bohemian spirit. Kendall commented on the new back-to-school designs, saying she believes fans will like the pieces:

”Our back-to-school collection blends bohemian inspirations, and we think our fans will love it!”

Kylie added that she believes their new items are very versatile and can be styled numerous ways which she hopes their fans will like:

“All of the pieces are so versatile … we’re so excited to see what our fans think!”

The PacSun website described the new collection which was designed by the reality stars as a transitional collection that is for the last moments of summer and the beginning of fall as school begins again. The company also believe it has that Californian sense of style which the two sisters are known for and believes the result is just relaxed and effortlessly stylish:

”The back-to-school ‘Desert Wanderlust’ colour story is reminiscent of summer days setting into fall nights. Holding onto the last few days of summer, the collection blends the casual Cali-girl style with the wild, care-free spirit of the desert.”