Kendall Jenner Wants to Invent Full Makeup Masks


Kendall Jenner has revealed the makeup product she would most like to invent. The model and reality star commented that she’d love to create a mask that could be stuck to your face that would apply your makeup all over in seconds. She explains that the dream product would mean we’d all be able to apply perfect makeup extremely quickly:

“Okay, so go with me on this but…wouldn’t it be sort of neat to have a mask that has the full makeup look on it, and all you got to do is stick it to your face and voilà! You’re ready to go!”

Discussing the craziest things she has ever done in the name of beauty, Kendall says she has learnt to adapt to fit in quick fixes because she’s so often on the move. She once shaved her legs in the back of a car and also had to apply makeup in the back seat recently too:

“Might not be the craziest thing, but I’ve shaved my legs in the back of a car leaving a shoot and heading to a show. Oh, and recently [I] did my makeup in the back of a car and stopped at the nearest hotel to run in and change into my dress. Not something I aim to do, but when you’re in a time crunch, you need to get creative. It was like a movie montage, for sure.”

Spilling her beauty regrets, Kendall says she thinks she has made some bad eyeliner choices in the past:

“I like to live without regrets, but I know I’ve for sure tried a few interesting eyeliner colors that didn’t really translate well, lol.”