Kelly Rowland Won’t Ever Wear Matching Outfits for Destiny’s Child Again


Looking back on her previous Destiny’s Child years, Kelly Rowland has said she thinks it’s funny that the group used to wear coordinating outfits and she would now never agree to matching ensembles. Kelly says that the group would no longer wear similar outfits when performing now and as they showed during their Super Bowl performance, it’s still possible for them to look individual without being in the same pieces:

”We probably wouldn’t do that now, at all. As you can see from the Super Bowl, we came out in a fresh new way, you know, we all had the same colour on but it was all a different outfit, even different designers but there was still a common thread.”

On her own personal sense of style, Kelly says she often lets her mood dictate what she’ll wear each day and it just depends on how she feels:

”My personal style … I’m very moody when it comes to style. It depends on my mood, what I put on.”

Speaking about her usual beauty regime, Kelly says she believes exfoliating and moisturizing properly is key to keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. She says that it becomes even more important to keep skin hydrated during those cold winter months that can be so harsh on skin:

”I think it’s important to exfoliate and to moisturise, you know, we’re in this really cold weather. I know I’m in New York and it’s cold weather and I think it’s important to keep your bodymoisturised.”